5 Reasons why Finland is Awesome!

Most people wouldn’t think about Finland immediately when they are thinking about their next vacation, but it is an incredibly beautiful country and it is worth a thought.

This past February I spent eight days near Rantasalmi in the Saimaa Lake area, where I fell in love deeply with the Finnish culture and the countryside. Here are my 5 reasons why Finland is definitely worth a visit:


The Everyman‘s Right

This is also called “the freedom to roam” which basically means people of all nationalities are allowed to enjoy the Finnish countryside freely! You have access to public AND privately owned land. On your trip you can hike or ski and explore Finland’s nature however you’d like. It goes without saying that you have to respect nature, other people and their property. Keep in mind that there can be some restrictions in national parks and nature reserves!

Activities such as camping, hunting and the use of motor vehicles can be limited in these areas. Access to sensitive areas during the nesting season can be limited as well. Due to Everyman’s Right you can find fireplaces and even little cabins for camping that are entirely free to use. Isn’t that lovely?


Northern Lights

See the breathtaking and beautiful moving picture of the Northern Lights in real life! Wouldn’t that be something?!  Some of the most gorgeous Northern Lights can be spotted in Finnish Lapland. And this brings me to my next point…


Beautiful Wintertime

Finland’s winter is simply stunning! Tons of sparkling snow that squeaks while snowshoeing, sledding or ice skating on frozen lakes. This is a true winter-wonderland; just like you’ve always imagined. Did you know that Finland has some of the cleanest water and air in the world? This country is also known for it’s safety.

There are so many possibilities to be active, enjoy nature and relax! You could cross country ski, ride on a snowmobile or visit a husky farm – you can even have a ride with the huskies through a snowy forest! What about a dip into icy water after Sauna? Sounds very… refreshing, right?

And the best thing: You can meet Santa Claus! Isn’t that awesome?! Santa’s village is located in Lapland. Let’s go and have a little chat with him! Finland gives you many opportunities to have a unique experience for your winter vacation that ensures you’ll never forget it.



The Finnish sauna is famous around the world; for a reason! There are over 3 million Saunas in Finland. It is a great and very healthy way to relax and ease the stress from everyday life. There are hundreds of lovely lakeside cottages and cabins you can book and they commonly have a sauna. Since Finns are pros of wellness a lot of hotels have beautiful, wonderful wellness areas included.


The Homeland of Moomins

Did you read the Moomin books or even see the show when you were a child? If not, you should definitely check it out! The inventor of these cute creatures is the Finnish-Swedish Tove Jansson, who passed away in 2001. Several stories tell the terrific adventures about the Moomins and their friends. They live in harmony with nature in beautiful Moominvalley. The Moomins are famous around the world nowadays. In March 2019 a „Moominvalley Park“ will open in Japan. Isn’t that incredible? The books are well written and have a great humour. This is something for both children and adults!

Ice Skating in Finland

All in all there are many more reasons why Finland is awesome! If you want to know more about Finland you should stop by on the VisitFinland website. They have a great quiz that helps you finding your place to see and what kind of traveler your are!

Fare well little sailors,


3 Gedanken zu “5 Reasons why Finland is Awesome!

  1. Hello. Thank You for Your great post. I love it – well-made and full of information. Rantasalmi is beautiful. I this because I have lived in a town not so far of it.

    Of Course, Visit Finland is the best, but there are blogs liken mine which tell amazing stories about my country with big amount of photos.

    Sartenada’s blog

    I wünsche ihnen einen schönen Montag.


    1. Hello Sartenada,

      thank you for your nice comment! It makes me happy to see people enjoying my blogposts.

      Rantasalmi is indeed very beautiful. In what city did you live there? 🙂

      Also thanks for introducing your blog, I am going to check it out.

      I wish you a happy day as well! Kind regards,

      Gefällt 1 Person

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