New Year’s Resolutions

Hello little sailors!

It’s almost 2019, can you believe it? Looking back it was a real crazy year for me.

I traveled to Finland in February, I moved together with a friend of mine in June. I flew to Poland to celebrate the wedding of my beloved friend and exchange sister Karolina and her lovely husband Bartek. We had a freaking hot and long summer in Germany.

I fell insanely in love with my best friend on the other side of the planet and got engaged with him in America. Yes, I visited the US for the first time in my life in 2018. It made me really happy!

But as always – there were good and bad days. Things that I didn’t like or didn’t enjoy, even things that really annoyed me.

But I am always longing for progress and improvement, so I set myself some goals for 2019 which I like to share with you guys!

Resolutions for 2019

Sparkler New Years

1. Smile and laugh more

2. Quit smoking

3. Enjoy life – stop overthinking everything

4. Save money

5. Improve my fitness

6. Meditate more

7. Drive to the sea before leaving Germany

8. Pass my exams in Spring

9. Dance like no one is watching

10. Read more books

11. Drink less alcohol and more water instead

12. Continue blogging

13. Eat less junk food

14. Be more awesome than last year

15. Be a good and loving wife to my husband once I’m married

Maybe my resolutions inspired you to set yourself some goals as well? Why not use that inspiration for changing something or trying something new yourself? Last but not least, Happy Birthday to me! You’ve been amazingly strong this year.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and thanks to everyone who enjoyed reading my blog these past few months. It’s a real pleasure and so much fun!

Farewell and see you soon!


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