5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in a LDR

Hello little sailors,

Valentines Day is just around the corner! On the 14th of February a lot of people celebrate their love for each other around the world, thanks to globalisation of various places on Earth! Despite this blogpost I also made a video where I summarized 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s day + gift ideas! Feel free to check it out.

(you can find more LDR related videos on my YouTube Channel)

Couples in the US typically celebrate it with heart-shaped chocolates, Valentine’s cards, red roses, romantic dinner dates and so on.

Different countries mean different traditions! One of the traditions that fascinates me the most happens in Japan. In Japan only the women give a gift to men on the 14th February! It is typical for women to gift sweet treats (usually chocolate) to the men in their life and they can use the opportunity to confess their love to their crush!

Confessing love with chocolate

Did you know that they even have different types of chocolates for the men in your life for Valentine’s Day? That means a platonic friend will receive ”Giri Choco” (義理チョコ) also known as obligation chocolate.

You give these chocolates to male acquaintances or friends whom you don’t necessarily love! These can include co-workers, bosses, family members, male friends, and so on. “Giri Choco” is given to them so they don’t feel left out during the Valentine’s celebration, which is really nice in my opinion. This also gives you the opportunity to say thank you to a good platonic friend or a coworker that has helped you out a lot.

Delicious valentine‘s chocolate

“Giri Choco” is usual chocolates so they should look ordinary and should not be that expensive. These chocolates are not meant to be romantic but to show a sense of responsibility rather than love.

The chocolate given to express your sincere love to your crush or partner is called “Honmei Choco” which means “favorite chocolate.” Japanese women spend a lot of money on high quality brand chocolates in order to confess their love for a man. Some „Honmei Choco“ is even homemade! It is very important to make the “Honmei Choco” obviously completely different from the „Giri Choco“. Otherwise a friend might become interested in you because he misunderstood your chocolate!

The men don’t have to do anything on that day. Their part comes later!

Giving valentine’s chocolate

The 14th of March is known as “White Day” in Japan and this is the day where men who were gifted with chocolates are supposed to give some back. That way those who received the “Honmei Choco” can answer and become a couple (if not already).

That day is called “White Day” because of its purity and because many Japanese chocolate boxes are white. The men shower women with gifts and chocolates (often far more expensive than from those they received). A real romantic hype is in the air of Japan at this time of the year.

Now that I’ve introduced you to my favorite Valentine’s Day tradition, here are my suggestions for celebrating while in a LDR!

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a LDR:

A Joint Trip

Being in a Long Distance Relationship doesn’t mean you can’t go on a vacation with your long distance partner! Spending all your vacation days flying/driving back and forth to see each other can get a bit tedious, so celebrate Valentine’s Day with a trip elsewhere instead! Meeting in person at a specific place can be so exciting. A change of scenery will make it feel more like a special occasion than your usual trips back and forth.

Traveling as a couple

Since we already talked about Japan, how about a trip to that beautiful country on Valentine’s Day? The unusual Valentine’s traditions make it really fun! Together with the simplicity and beauty of this country, it makes it the perfect destination for a romantic Valentine’s trip to meet up!

Date Night on Skype or Face Time

Very simple and easy, but still so nice to do! Arrange a date and meet up in front of your cameras. You could eat dinner and watch a movie together! How about you surprise each other by ordering dinner for each other?

Face timing in a ldr

Thanks to the Internet and international payment methods you can easily order and pay for food for someone in a different country. I’ve recently bought sushi as a surprise for Tanner on his birthday! ((I used doordash.com for the US). Or both of you can cook your own meals and set them up in front of your camera to share this virtual dinner date!

Sharing Video Messages

You could sing and dance! Read a love note out loud that you wrote or you can just talk your heart out to them. Making a video changes things up and makes it so much more intimate and lovely for your partner! It’s nice to see and hear you, rather than having to read something yourself.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Off Season

You don’t have to celebrate exactly on the 14th of February. You can always celebrate your love! Maybe the next time you’ll see each other is in March?

Valentine‘s day

Surprise him/her and plan a full out Valentine’s Day date for then instead! He/she won’t see it coming and that’ll make it all the better. Or plan something together and have a date to really look forward to!

Send Each Other Gifts

Obviously, a way to celebrate Valentine’s day is through sensing each other gifts. That can be literally anything! From flowers to big self made care packages. There are endless opportunities to send some love to your partner. If you need some inspiration you should read my entry about Christmas Presents in a LDR. Most of those present ideas work for other occasions as well!

Watching the stars

A little bit more expensive but a very special and romantic gift is a personalised Star Map from “The Night Sky”. There you can create a 50cm x 70cm star map of the night your heart skipped a beat. That could be the day where you first met, your first kiss, the birth of a child or another special moment! If there is time, you both should meet up and open your presents in front of each other via Skype or FaceTime.

However and whenever you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your long distance partner is totally up to you! I think it’s a great way to spice things up and have a little change in your daily routines. It keeps the LDR exciting, fun and interesting for both of you!

What plans do you have for Valentine’s Day? Let me know! I’d love to hear all about it.

See you soon little sailors!



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