Homemade Bagels Recipe (Vegan)

Hello little sailors!

Bagels — famous, rounded bread with a hole in the middle which you instantly connect with America, right?

You connect them with nice cafés in New York or Seattle, you see hectic Americans in business outfits on their way to their next meeting having a “coffee to go” in one hand and a fresh bagel in the other. You connect it with Hollywood movies and also a huge variety of tastes and possibilities that come with a bagel’s toppings! Mmh, so delicious!

Eating bagels

But, did you know that they are actually not from America? Instead they hail from Poland, specifically a Jewish community in Cracow. At least that’s where historians found the first records of bagels. Which means East-European Jewish immigrants brought the delicious pastry to America and Canada at the end of the 19th century.

Bagels then became fully entrenched in the American daily diet of the 1970s and has been regarded as a typical American pastry worldwide since then! No wonder, they taste so good!

Why do Bagels Have a Hole in the Middle?

Why do bagels have s hole in the middle

The hole in the middle was supposed to make the transportation easier back in the days. Additionally it makes baking faster. The so called “bejgl” was strung on laces so you could hang them around your shoulder to carry them around. Incredible, right?

What Makes Bagels so Special?

Despite the hole in the middle they have a unique taste and texture! Solid, yet at the same time fluffy! That comes from its process; bagels are cooked in sweetened water before being baked in the oven! This sounds complicated but it isn’t actually. Don’t be scared to make them!

Now let’s see how my first try to bake bagels turned out!

I think for my first time… Pretty alright!

Jacqui’s Recipe for Homemade Vegan Bagels

homemade healthy bagels


500g / 17.5oz Spelt Flour

2 tsp Seasalt

1 Package (8g / 0.30oz) of dry yeast

2 Tbsp ground almonds

350ml / 12floz warm water

2 Tbsp raw cane sugar

2L / 68floz water

Chia seeds, Sesame seeds (or similar seeds you’d like on your bagels)


1. Mix spelt flour and salt in a big bowl.

2. Stir dry yeast with warm water. Now mix it together with the flour-salt mix. You can use a fork or your hands for that. When everything is mixed up add the ground almonds. If the dough gets too dry you can add a little bit of water.

3. Knead dough for 5 to 10 minutes. At the end it should be a nice firm ball.

bagel dough

4. Sprinkle some flour around it and put a moist kitchen towel on top of the bowl. Let it sit for at least 2-3 hours at a warm place!

let bagel dough sit

5. Sprinkle your countertop (or a similar place) with flour and roll out the dough. Part the dough in 10 pieces of same size.

Part bagel dough into same sized pieces

6. Form balls out of the pieces with your hands. Sprinkle your hands with a little bit of flour so the dough doesn’t stick to the fingers.

Forming bagels

7. Bore a hole with your pointer finger in the middle of each ball then form them into rings.

Formed bagels ready to be cooked

8. Preheat oven on 220°C / 430°F on bottom and lower heat.

9. Bring water to a boil in a large pot and add raw cane sugar.

Preparing hot sugar water for bagels

10. Put dough rings into the pot. (I cooked 3 rings at the same time, but it depends on the size of your pot.) Let them simmer for around 3 minutes.

11. Take the rings out and put them on baking paper on a baking pan. Sprinkle wet rings with seeds.

Wet bagels ready to be baked

12. Bake for 20 minutes and you are done! 🙂

Homemade bagels

Enjoy your homemade bagels! Let me know how they turned out and if you enjoyed yours. Have a nice upcoming week and talk to you next week!



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