Spring Bucket List

Hello little sailors!

Quick update: Last week I was sick at first and at the end of the week I traveled to America to surprise Tanner. I am visiting my fiancé in Utah at the moment! Unfortunately, I had to face some trouble traveling to Utah and I had to call and inform him before I actually arrived. It was still a surprise, but not as I planned it out to be.

Did you know that it was already the meteorologic beginning of spring on the 1st of March? Even though it’s snowing here in Utah right now, in Germany you are already able to get all the spring feels! To keep the tradition I made a little Bucket List for the spring time that I’d like to do! Let me know what your plans are for spring!

Are you already excited for the sun coming back, blooming flowers, trees turning green, singing birds, Easter time and all those other things that’ll happen?

Fall bucket list

Have a wonderful Sunday!



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