Summer Bucket List *quick update*

Summer Bucket List

Hello little sailors,

I am in a really strange state of my life right now. Big changes are happening and coming up. I stopped working for the tour operator I was working for and started at a natural foods store on a farm. Basically, I changed my full time job in an office job to a part time job where I have to move my ass, haha! This change is so refreshing and I have a lot of fun working at this lovely store.

Unfortunately, I got the new job faster than expected, so now all my furniture is still in Hagen, where I used to live the past three years. It is around 90 km (55,9 miles) away from my hometown where I work now which basically means I’m living between two cities not having an actual home yet. Hopefully everything will be settled after this month. I am very excited for that!

Big changes in life

Since I am going through changes right now I asked myself what my goals are and what do I want to achieve this month? Where do I want to go from here? I started to make a list, which I want to share with you guys! This list includes fun things and things that have to be done. Maybe it’ll give you some inspiration for yourself!

Summer bucket list

Bake cookies

Plant flowers

Go swim and enjoy the sun

Ride a bike

Go hiking

Dance and sing more

Read a book

Move my stuff from Hagen back to my hometown

Use my free time to improve my blog and Instagram

Learn more about Wicca

Stay fit and workout

Selfcare in general

Enjoy time with friends

Organise my wedding

Tinker and handcraft decorations and more for the wedding

Have fun during the wonderful wedding time

Enjoy the time I’ll have with Tanner!

Setting goals for yourself is important. It’ll help you figure out what you really want in life and what you want to achieve. It clears your mind during the changes life confronts us with. What are your goals for this summer?



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