LDR Meetings are exciting!

LDR Reunions are one of the most exciting things ever!

The days before meeting my significant other I get pretty nervous. We haven’t seen each other in real life for such a long time.

Will he still feel the same about me? How fast will we get used to each other again? Will he arrive safely? Will he have fun visiting my home country? … There are lots of questions that fly around my head shortly before a reunion.

As soon as I hold him in my arms again, all the worries go away immediately. Meeting my (back then) fiancé at the airport after not seeing him for 6 months felt simply amazing!

Did you meet your LDR partner in real life already? If so, how did it feel for you? Let me know! I’d love to hear all about it.

Additionaly here is a LDR Reunion compilation, since it’s so romantic seeing all the brave LDR couples and friends getting together!

Fare well and see you soon,


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