Christmas Presents – LDR Version

Hello little sailors,

Because the Christmas season has started I began to think about what I could do, where I could possibly go, what presents I should buy and so on. To be honest, I really got stuck on what to organize for my American fiancé. Furthermore, I asked myself how other people in Long Distance Relationships give each other presents.

As I am more a fan of personal presents, I wrote a list down with my ideas and did some research. And here are my ideas for personal and affordable LDR Christmas Presents! 😉

Surprise Visit

I thought I’d begin with the ultimate Christmas present you can do for your partner: the surprise visit! What a wonderful invention! Lucky you, if this is an option for you! Unfortunately, not all of us have the money, time or possibilty to do this. Thankfully there are plenty of other gift ideas!

wooden photo albunPhotobook from WoodenGoodsByMrDeer

Photobook (DIY or bought online)

When I think about a personal gift a photobook is what comes to my mind first. Whether it’s handmade or created online, it is a lovely option to share memories and love with your partner. They can look at the book whenever they miss you and they now have something from you that you made for them! I think that alone is already a great and very emotional gift.

Writing a love letter

Love Letter

Sometimes less is more! A simple love letter can mean so much when we receive it from our loved ones. This is also a good option when you are short on money. Take some time and think about what you would like to say to your partner. Maybe it’s something you don’t say as often to them as you would like? What do you want them to know? Are you simply outlining your pure love for them? Can you write about some witty anecdotes about both of you?

care package for Christmas

Care Package

Have you ever received a care package? It is a box filled with with treats and things that you like! Germans tend to send those packages to those who moved away or are out of the country for a longer amount of time. Put things in there that connect you. For example: a CD with your favorite songs or your perfume. You can fill it with treats from your country; things that you like and want your partner to try out. What about your favorite chocolate? Maybe you already know exactly what to put in there because he/she liked and enjoyed something particular on previous visits. All in all, this is a very individual gift option, since there are almost no limits set. If you are planning to send them something extraordinary keep customs in mind and inform yourself when uncertain! You could also send them a prepared and themed gift box from online directly to their home.



This gift idea is for the naughty ones out there! This little gift means pleasure for both of you. I won’t say much more about it, but if you want to spice up your sex life despite the distance, you should check it out.

personalised cupPersonalised cups from GirlsstuffDesigns


Thanks to the Internet there are plenty options to self-design! Nowadays, you can design almost everything: Phone cases, placards, T-Shirts, bracelets, pillows, cups … no limits! What about a self-designed office cup for your partner? Or a cool phone case? Let your imagination run free! I’m sure you’ll find something to design for him/her.

Christmas present


Are you lousy in DIY and tinkering? No problem, Etsy is going to save you! For those who don’t know it already: Etsy is a website where you can buy handmade products such as art, crafts, jewellery, paper, goods or housewares! Various shops and artists offer you unique, creative goods and extraordinary items. There are shops and people who sell products themed on LDR as well! If you have an Etsy shop yourself please let me know. I’d love to check it out.

love notes jarLove Notes Jar from EmmaMelissa23

Notes Jar

Last but not least, make your partner a notes jar! This is a jar filled with little messages from you to him/her. You can even choose a topic like “Love Notes”, “Happiness Notes”, “Daily Inspiration”, etc. If you need some inspiration you should browse Pinterest, YouTube or Etsy! There is even a shop that sells them:

Well guys, I hope I was able to provide some inspiration and food for thought! Let me know what your ideas are. Whatever you’ll be giving your loved one this season, despite them being miles and miles away, I’m sure it’ll be great and make them very happy! The only important part about Christmas presents, whether they be big or small, is that they come from your heart and a place of love for your partner.

Farewell until next Sunday!

I wish you all a peaceful second advent,


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