5 Reasons Why a LDR is Awesome

Hello little sailors!

I’ve been part of a Long Distance Relationship Support group on Facebook for a few weeks now. Why? I was interested in meeting other people who are in a LDR and finding out what they think and feel about our shared situation.

Quickly I realised that there is a lot of negativity around out there. I can relate and understand so much of it, but as I explained in my latest blogpost on how to stay positive, too much negativity can really destroy your relationship. In addition it doesn’t bring you any further to your goals or closer together! I hope this entry is going to help everyone who struggles with being positive about the distance! 🙂

5 Reasons Why Being in an LDR is Awesome

Different Cultures and Traveling

Traveling by plane

The world is getting smaller and it is getting easier and easier to travel! You both may come from different places, which automatically includes different customs and traditions. Even when you’re living in the same country there are still regional differences! Talk, find out more and learn about them.

Explore and enjoy! 🙂 You could plan the next trip to your partner when there is a special event or holiday and celebrate it together. Wouldn’t that be fun?

I, for example, love learning everything about America and genuinely enjoy it. It is so interesting to hear how and why Americans celebrate the 4th of July or Thanksgiving, since we don’t have those holidays here in Germany. It is additionally so much fun to share my culture and traditions with my fiancé! We’ve already learned so much from each other.

Be excited about the culture of your partner! It is a part of them and it is part of what made them who they are today. It is an additional reason to love your partner, don’t you think?

Traveling because of long distance

Isn’t it exciting to travel?

Especially when you meet a person abroad who is a local and a good friend, or even better he/she is your loved one! They can show you really cool locations, because they have the insider tips haha! You will gain unfiltered experience through the country, its culture and people. How enriching and exciting!

Last time I visited my fiancé in America he showed me his old High School, which was one of the most interesting parts of that journey. Not only because I had never seen an American High school before (outside of what I’ve seen in movies or games), but also because it was a place he used to go to on a daily basis. It was a part of him, where he told me about a lot of his memories. It really made me feel more connected to him afterwards! That was a great experience! I love adventures like that!

Furthermore, if you don’t speak the same language you could learn each others languages. It’ll make communication even more fun!

My English has improved so much since I am talking constantly to Tanner. Which makes me really happy and proud! He helped me overcome my fear to speak English with other people in person. This automatically made me more open-minded in meeting new people from abroad and talking to them professionally (as a travel agent that can easily happen in your working life). I’m very grateful for that!

Improved skills and proud if it

The LDR Community

It’s incredible how supportive the LDR Community is! Everyone tries to help each other in good and honest ways; you may even make a new friend. It’s a place where you can express your thoughts and concerns to people who experience similar things in their daily lives. Which is very important in my opinion! Sometimes your friends and family can’t really understand or relate to the emotional rollercoaster that is LDR, so it’s nice to speak to people who can. They often have some useful tips and tricks for you as well! 🙂

The LDR Community is important

If you’re not connecting with the community yet you could join an LDR group on Facebook or connect with other LDR couples on Instagram (or other platforms of course). Most couples run an Instagram together and some of them also run blogs where they write about their experiences, just like I do. Overall there are so many unique and adorable stories about how LDR couples met and how long they’ve been long distance. It’s incredible and a great inspiration!

My favourite LDR Instagrams atm:

@Lifeafterdistance and @ldrcouples

The FB group I’m part of:

Long Distance Relationships: Advice & Support Group

Very nice people there! If you know of other great LDR groups, please let me know.

If you have an Instagram account about LDR yourself let me know, so I can check it out. You can also follow me and contact me via PM! 🙂

Improving Communication

When you hear this, at first it sounds bizarre, but I have never had better communication between myself and my partner before. Communication between me and Tanner became so sacred! All we have are phone calls, texts and things like that so we don’t bother with awkward small talk.

Long distance phone call

You get to know each other very well throughout all these conversations! It was one of the things that made me realise how precious Tanner is to me. We would never get bored or run out of things to talk about. Moreover, Tanner and I improved and have come to a point where we can tell each other everything. We love to share our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we’ll spend hours talking about that. Whether it is some deep topic like history and politics or simply our thoughts and feelings we had throughout the day. We are both sincerely interested and if an argument comes up, we are mature and familiar enough to solve it through a loving, understanding and respectful way.

Although, your arguing will be largely due to your wish that the two of you had more time together or would be physically near one another.

I think communication should always improve and change with you and your partner, but an LDR can still help you learn to communicate and resolve conflict well. It takes a while to get to where the communication between you two is on point. Especially when you are still getting to know each other. Once you’re there the hard work will have been worth it!

Improved and wise

Remember though; don’t pressure yourself. Give yourself and your partner enough time and space to get to know each other. Don’t forget to talk about everything in an open, tender and honest way. This is the only way to fully understand and know one another.

Additionally, I started to enjoy and value all the messages, texts and phone calls I receive from my partner so much more than ever before! We are only able to talk at certain times, but this makes me look forward to it. I’m thankful for what time we do have together. When I’m feeling down, I also try to remind myself that I have something to look forward to. For me this is our wedding, but this could also be your next visit or date!


Mastering independence and a relationship? What better way than being in an LDR?

Learning how to be independent

In an LDR, you have time for yourself, your friends and family! Use this to your advantage and enjoy it! 🙂 Don’t hide in your room or spend every free minute on Skype, no matter how tempting. An LDR gives you more time to pursue other passions and interests as well.

Happy and alone

Being on your own most of the time also means that you have to learn how to deal with daily life challenges. Life can throw a lot of stressful things your way; from getting your car repaired, working overtime, managing finances, paying your bills to simply cooking a meal. When times are hard, your partner can only offer you emotional support, which can be very depressing and even aggravating from time to time. He/she won’t be able to swoop in and fix things for you or give you a loving hug and kiss to reassure you. Like many other aspects of an LDR, this doesn’t feel fun in the moment but you will absolutely grow in self-reliance, confidence and independence in the end.


Finally you have the opportunity to fully unleash your inner hidden romantic! Handwritten love letters, cute postcards and in general adorable surprise gifts, like flowers, are one of the best parts of being in long-distance love. Cheesy text messages and flirty Snapchats to tease your partner in day-to-day life! All the things that make your heart jump up and down and give you butterflies in your stomach!

Romantic present

Once you’ve received such a wonderful surprise from your partner it really means the world to you!

Sharing music that you like with each other can be wonderful as well. Just imagine being on a ride, listening to the latest love song he/she sent you. It brightens your mood and lets your love grow. My fiancé and I have a whole playlist on Spotify where we share the music that we both like. Including, of course, lots of love songs!

Romance in a ldr

Being all lovey-dovey, cheesy and cute in an LDR is so important in my opinion! It gives you a good, positive feeling about the relationship between you two!

My inspirational couple will always be Marshall and Lily from “How I Met your Mother“, by the way. They are not long distance but in my eyes they are the perfect mix of romance, fun and responsibility. Let’s learn a thing or two from them! Do you have a couple that you find inspirational or ideal?

Lily and marshall inspirational couple

Being long distance with your partner helps building personal strengths, trust and patience! You learn a lot about each other and your cultures. It may make you travel, which keeps you open-minded to the world. During the time you’re long distance it is you and him/her against the distance which builds up team spirit! You improve and develop your communication and patience skills together and so on. I’m sure that all of these things will definitely help you and enrich your life. Especially once you’ve closed the gap!

As you can see, an LDR can give you a lot if you are only willing to accept, learn and improve from it.


In conclusion, I would say if your relationship can survive and fight the distance, it can surely survive and fight most other things as well!

Remember you are not alone! There is a whole community out there with who you can share your thoughts and experiences. You might even find new supporting friends!

Do you have additional reasons why an LDR can be good? Please let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this entry and I wish you a very nice day! See you next Sunday!



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